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ALLEYRUN: A five-mile-ish no-drop scrabble on rotating neighborhoods' cobblestone alleys and bramble-burred cut-throughs, with gravel lanes, bum paths, and Atlanta's notoriously technical sidewalks. Party pace for all: fast enough for fun, slow enough to talk shit while we wait at turns for the caboose to catch up.


QUAD QAMP: Every Thursday at 6:30 p.m. behind the Perkerson Park tennis courts. This 50-acre quasi-wild gem has hills galore. Start from the bottom, huff to the top, and descend: repeat for an hour. You grumble intermittently and high five fellows in passing, and stop to pet passing dogs to disguise breath-breaks.

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: A late fall follow-the-leader run series around Perkerson Park, its deep woods and trails and manifold slopes, the South River, towering pines, and four giant stone chimneys. Explore the park in the dark, then we light a fire. HELLA SAFE.


SPECIALS & ONE-OFFS: All the irregular, irresistible stuff, like solstice at Mt. Moreland, backyard beer miles, the Atlanta Grand Prix, trail work and cleanup days, our year-end fatass, the annual meeting, and more. Our newsletter's the surest way to catch word.

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