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we are a cadre of rascals

For all its wild, turbulent history, Atlanta running is largely fangless and feckless, defaulting to the polished paths of one park, a handful of streets, and a Glorified Sidewalk. Fine if you like it, but we want more. Come deeper with us into the City in the Forest. Let us show you the feral magic tucked in its seams: the foot-worn byways and cobblestone alleys, ridge road vistas and urban canyons, abandoned infrastructure, lesser-known greens and wild concrete spaces in which you could be exulting. We welcome you to our untamed cabal if you're hungry for escapades and willing to try something new.

We're also a Georgia non-profit corporation, so all proceeds from merch sales, events, or straight-up donations go to hospice support, suicide care lines, or community aid organizations. We're lucky enough to run together. We want others to have that comfort, certainty, and agency, too.

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