ALLEYRUN: A five-mile-ish no-drop scrabble on rotating neighborhoods' cobblestone alleys and bramble-burred cut-throughs, with gravel lanes, bum paths, and Atlanta's notoriously technical sidewalks. Party pace for all: fast enough for fun, slow enough to talk shit while we wait at turns for the caboose to catch up.

QUAD QAMP: We find a nasty, slanty hill, start from the bottom, huff to the top, and descend: repeat for an hour. You grumble intermittently and high five fellows in passing, and stop to pet passing dogs to disguise breath-breaks. (If you truly enjoy suffering, consider our Hundred Hills Project, you masochist.)

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: A late fall follow-the-leader run series around Perkerson Park, a quasi-wild 50-acre gem lousy with slopes, some forest and trails, the South River, towering pines, and four giant stone chimneys. Explore the park in the dark, then we light a fire. HELLA SAFE.

SPECIALS & ONE-OFFS: All the irregular, irresistible stuff, like solstice at Mt. Moreland, Quad Qamp relay, Marathon beer hand-up stations, trail work and cleanup days, Rat King races, our year-end fatass, and the annual meeting.

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